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[Appeal - #0015] Bozi (Discord)


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Username: Bozi

Date of ban: I dont exactly remember when i got banned from the discord's server

Reason for ban: I was ''fighting'' with Blaster on discord and i got banned.

Duration of ban: I dont know if its permanently or temporary.

Why do you believe you need a second chance: I didnt realise what i was doing,It was my fault.

Which administrator banned you: I dont know because i left the server,Blaster possible did it.

Additional notes: My discord name is Bozi and my tag is #9599 in case

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Ban appeal ACCEPTED.

This is your absolute last chance as well. Any disrespect from your side again will lead to a permanent ban from Discord, maybe even our platforms as well, depending on the situation. If you do receive a ban again, it will stay permanent and there will be no chance for an appeal. I will message you the direct link through the forums private messages.

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