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Update 1.1.0 - December 16 2017


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed /patrol not working in some instances
  • Fixed donator features not working
  • Fixed an issue in which callout occurances were calculated wrong and therefore some callouts weren't being called


General Improvements


  • Added ability to add and remove players from events (atm it only changes their F11 names to white, will most likely do more features in the future)
  • Limited server's FPS to 60 to fix the sirens not starting issue on clients that had high FPS
  • Added following animations: /cover /drink /beg /laugh /shock /cry ( 0 - 1 ) /lean /pee /puke /jerkoff /wank /lay /cheer ( 1 - 2 ) /dance ( 1 - 3) /smoke /fall /jump /handsup/bitchslap /bottlegrab /windowchat /wait /think /shake /taxihail /cpr /cop /sit ( 1 - 4 ) /repair /hike /carry /pickup /putdown
  • Peds will no longer be fully killed, instead their HP will be set to 1 and animation will be set to look as they were killed. This should resolve sync issues with dead peds
  • Updated Ambulance's vehicle handling to feel more realistic in terms of acceleration and top speed
  • Added /showlinks for staff members that displays all useful server links to all online players
  • Added ability to set an exp multiplier bonus which gives more exp when active and also saves to the database




  • Medics are finally here!
  • Added seperate callout timer for medics which means that medics can get their own callouts while PD members can get their own callouts without depending on one's timer
  • Added a new custom stretcher object that's used by medics, in addition it can also be seen in the back of your ambulance (unless you modded your car, if so you did so, well, nice to know you're missing out *evil laugh*)
  • Added a brand new menu with a custom design that's completely different from anything seen so far on the server, features patient's info as well as a 4 button menu that let's you choose between multiple actions. In addition the menu also supports 2 button actions as well.
  • Added 6 medic spawn points alongside multiple medic points at which medics can transport the patients to
  • Added a new badge / logo for the medics in the spawn menu
  • Blocked all of the PD features from the medics
  • Multiple outcomes for patients as well as multiple options, doing the wrong options could potentially kill the patients. For example, if you attempt to do a CPR on a patient with inflated lungs then both you and the patient are about to have a bad time, although, it's safe to say that it's the last bad time that the patient will have
  • And much more that you should discover yourself!


Anniversary Celebration


  • Added a map at the Santa Maria Beach that will be used for the celebration
  • Added a music stream to the said map to let players enjoy the place as well as possibly dance and, well, whatever you feel is appropriate to do (masturbating is not appropriate!)

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The medic system is simply awesome. I wanna thanks all the Advanced Gaming team for making this update happen :)

Things that I like with the new medic system:

-Ability to perform actions realistically, such as CPR

-The use of the stretcher is neat.

-Different outcomes when it comes to dealing with patients

-Ability for police to request player EMTs

-And much more that I could list on!

Just a few constructive feedback to improve on the system:

-Merge some calls for both police and medic to perform. Possibly Domestic Disturbances, MVAs, and Drunken Disturbances

-Add more new things for medics to unlock when ranking up, possibly new vehicles

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