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Happy Annivesary!


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[align=center]Happy Annivesary![/align]


Hey there.

We're happy to announce that today is the first anniversary of SAPD:FR Online under Advanced Gaming and have therefore decided to create this thread that will give a bit of an insight on what happened throughout the year.


In this year the community has grown by a lot, we've gotten over 5,500 registrated accounts in game, an increased playerbase compared to the early 2017 and the summer, a much more active staff team and a lot of script as well as community updates! We're also extremely happy with all of the content that's been created in the server which ranges from videos to mods, guides & images. In addition to all of that, we would also like to send a big thanks this way to all of our players that have sticked with us throughout the entire year!

Summer Issues

As some of you may already know, Advanced Gaming did not put it's best during the summer due to the lack of free time from the Management Team, however, even though there was a major lack of updates you guys still didn't give up and our staff members which were Caracatus1[/member] and Nick[/member] at the time have managed to keep the server up on it's feet by being active and answering all of player's questions as well as making sure that rule breakers have no room in the server and for that we owe them great gratitude!

In addition to the staff members we also owe great gratitude to all of the players that played during the time and have sticked with us and kept us on our word that we will continue to regulary update once the summer is over, which we did, and would also like to apologize if we were also rude to some of you in the proccess but we hope that you guys do understand that we were going through a lot of stress especially considering a lot of you guys were jumping us for not updating something that is our hobby and not our job.


Throughout the year we've been through 31 script updates and have changed quite a lot! Here are some notable changes:


  • Seperated the Central chat from the chat and placed it in the middle of the screen which resulted in a lot cleaner chat
  • Completely rewritten the callouts which save a lot of CPU on the server side, keeps the map clean as it doesn't spawn the NPCs right away (in fact it doesn't spawn them at all if nobody accepts the callout) as well as adds a lot more possibilities for us to create in said callouts such as multiple occurances, etc.
  • Added unit display to the F11 map
  • Completely changed the ranking system from SAPD:FR Online's original and added different ranks for Police Department and Sheriff Department saves
  • Added 6 different departments to play through each consisting of it's own stats, exp, rank, etc.
  • Some changes to the NPC traffic, initially improved their turning which allowed us for more realistic pursuit handlings as well as a increased it's density by a little bit
  • A server sided mod installer that lets you install mods just for SAPD:FR Online server itself without having to edit your own game files
  • Added parked vehicles around the map which makes it feel more alive, in addition to that some of the vehicles might be illegaly parked which can be towed for exp
  • Added a possibility to play as a tow truck unit
  • Multiple new vehicles added such as Unmarked Merit, Unmarked Yankee, Unmarked Police LV
  • Completely changed the design of the spawn menu
  • A decent amount of new callouts added, more are, ofcourse, to come
  • Introduced the helper system
  • Wiped out a lot of bugs, rewritten a lot of parts in the script which made it a lot more stable
  • Resolved server crashes, we used to have issues at approximately 15 users online, recently we've been hitting over 30 with no issues at all, server refreshes proven to cause a lot less client crashes as well
  • Added ability to enter interiors which work the same way as GTA IV and V interiors (enter from outside, no teleporting and such)
  • Re wrote the patrol system
  • Added ability to play as medics (big 1.1.0 update!)
  • And much much more not stated in here!



We've gotten a lot of media created in the server and have decided to share some of them through this thread!

















Thanks you for an amazing year and we hope to go through an even better one with you!

Kind Regards,

Advanced Gaming Management


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