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Update 1.1.1 - December 22 2017


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue in which players would get negative exp even though the suspect was a valid or neutral kill
  • Fixed towtruck unit's blip color being overriden from yellow to either blue or red (depending on the branche)
  • Fixed medic's blip being reset to blue instead of medic's red after usage of the backup request
  • Fixed the "hispotal" typo, whooops
  • Fixed Ambulance's color not being reset to red & white after branche switch (it was black & white)
  • Forced blip deletion for the peds, should no longer keep the blips after medics finish transporting their patient
  • Fixed "active callout" not being reset for the player after dropping off the patient
  • Fixed the issue in which medics weren't able to put new patients after their patient that was on the stretcher died (maybe if you took better care of your patients this bug would never occur, ever thought of that?)
  • Fixed stretcher object not being deleted after player quits (if any is present)
  • Fixed the rare occurance of being taken back to the spawn selection menu after clicking on a patient
  • Fixed AI medics stealing your patients (took them all back to the training grounds, hopefully they've learned their lesson)
  • Fixed the medic menu not appearing after recieving the "patient not stabilized to put on your stretcher" message


General Improvements


  • Added /pkick (alt: /pk) for Administrators, unlike the admin panel one this one will actually show the kick reason to all online players
  • Changed the "call the morgue" message to avoid confusion between players over an unfinished system
  • Added more medic vehicle spawn locations, this should prevent ambulances being placed on top of each other
  • Blocked the /patrol command for medics as it made no sense to have them patrol, we will test out the exp gain and if it proves to be too small we'll increase the patient drop off exp reward
  • Armored Truck Robbery callout guards can be interacted by the medics from now on

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