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[Suggestion] Negative effects for killing suspects at street brawls.


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: As of now, we are encouraging players to kill the street brawlers by giving them exp. And to counter that we have made a rule against it, I'm sorry but what? Instead we should give negative effects for people who kill street brawlers. -15exp should be sufficent enough to stop people from killing everyone in their sight during brawls.

Why should this be added?: Less to administer. Proper player encouragement to the right path without additional rules.

Anything else you'd like to add?: If this gets implemented, the rule regarding to street brawls should be removed. (Less to follow, general understanding of more freedom and less restrictions.)

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Sometimes they can pull out weapons which is the reason of the neutral peds system, it gives 5EXP points instead of 25 or 35 in case the script doesn't recognize it.


Actually 5 exp neutral award was in case they find another legit reason to kill the ped, attacking, weapon drawing etc increases the reward. For some reason the issue is that mta detects player as killer instead of ped if they kill each other. Will have to make some changes in that and then I will make those peds non neutral, aka minus 30 exp like any other ped.

Wrote this from my phone so there may be some grammatical / sentence errors, if so whooops.

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