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[Event - 06/01/2018] APSD Patrol


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[align=center]Angel Pine Sheriff's Department Public Patrol Event[/align]

[align=center]January 06 2018, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+1[/align]


Ran By: Mafia[/member]

Dispatch: Mafia[/member] or Blast3r[/member] or Elite[/member]


Angel Pine next to San Fierro is possibly the most ignored department in the server and is also the only department we didn't hold a patrol event at. It's time for us to bring it to at least a little bit of life even if it means just for an hour. Just like all of the previous events Discord attendance is required but microphone is not, it is cruical that you hear the dispatch and you can always respond to the dispatch through in game chat if you don't feel like using a microphone or don't actually own one. To attend just meet up in front of the APSD building on January 06 2018, Saturday at 21:00 GMT+1.

Hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

Advanced Gaming Management

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