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Update 1.1.2 - January 12 2018


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed ped stream not setting dead peds to lay down position once you stream out and back into the area
  • Fixed the issue in which every nearby player would get / lose experience if somebody else killed a ped
  • Fixed script getting local player as killer instead of the ped if a ped kills another ped
  • Fixed the /changepw command
  • Fixed an issue in which multiple users were able to log into the same account at the same time (thanks to Waitea15[/member] for reporting it)
  • Fixed medics not getting money
  • Fixed the issue in which if donators had less than 15$ they weren't able to get their free repairs (how poor do you need to be to discover this though?)
  • Fixed ped blips not being deleted once killed
  • Fixed ped blips not being deleted after medics placed them onto the stretcher
  • Fixed some animations preventing peds from laying down once killed


General Improvements


  • Peds with illegal frisk items are no longer considered as a legitimate kill reason
  • Neutral peds no longer give 5 exp, instead they're considered as 0, this should encourage players to kill less peds
  • Street brawl peds now give negative exp unless they attack the officer or pull out a weapon (the no street brawl killing rule will most likely be removed in the near future as well)
  • Adjusted Idlewood's parked Voodoo rotation so it's actually towable as suggested
  • Rewrote the weapon damages, they now give different damage outcomes based on where you shoot the peds. Headshot is an instant kill, torso is second highest damage point while legs and arms are the weakest points
  • Improved deagle, made it shoot faster, increased it's clip size to 15 as well as lowered it's damage to represent a proper 9mm weapon
  • Added 1 more prisoner skin


New Features


  • Added 5%, 10%, 15% exp bonus for donators
  • Added new callout: Prison Break in Progress. This one has 15 peds at the spot of the prison which can either attack you unarmed, armed or simply do their best to escape

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