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Helper Team Requirements


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SAPD:FR Online official Helper requirements:


  • Must have a forum account
  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Be mature, players can be troublesome sometimes and they need someone mature enough to handle them
  • Be able to cope in stressful situations, a lot of questions may be coming towards you and sometimes they may be hard to follow
  • Fluent English grammar is a must, players need to understand what you're saying
  • Activity on the server is a huge advantage, we understand that some people have real life that they put in front of games and don't mind if our staff members report absence through a period of time
  • Must have at least one month of experience with SAPD:FR Online
  • Must have experience with how the server works in general


Do note that some of these rules may seem a bit too much for a role as small as Helper's but the recent changes in the staff structure makes the Helper rank the first one in the staff team before being able to move on towards the Moderator position.

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