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Update 1.1.4 - February 04 2018


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[align=center]https://i.imgur.com/LnKf3XO.png' alt='IMGUR>'>[/align]



Bug Fixes


  • Fixed patrol zones sometimes not properly setting up after entering which resulted in no patrol zone active until you re-enter it
  • Fixed player A not getting exp when partnered after arresting suspect(s)
  • Fixed multiple vehicle spawn locations for medics, it no longer just spawns at 1 location which usually resulted in vehicle pile-up if a lot of players spawned at once


General Improvements


  • AI vehicles are now collision-less and transparent for 5 seconds after spawning, players should no longer crash into them on highways when they spawn near you
  • Increased traffic density from 0.25 to 0.50
  • Updated F9 menu, big thanks to Nick[/member] for this!
  • Added an elevator at RCSD station for the roof
  • Moved Bone County EMT spawn location to Fort Carson as well as added a medic point at Fort Carson
  • Added /gethere (alt: /gh) command for Moderators


New Features


  • Added EMT Burrito vehicle, it serves as a faster alternative to the Ambulance and is unlocked at rank 6 (Medical Lieutenant)
  • Added a radio system which plays radio streams when you're in vehicle
  • Added /song command which gets the current radio song
  • Added new callout: Food Poisoning (medic)


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Hey, so about the new emergency services spawn. There is one thing that I've noticed right-away and that is that some of the ambulances that spawn across the road are facing the wrong direction. It's a minor mistake but we're seeking perfection, aren't we? https://i.imgur.com/FZEC7HH.jpg


Honestly those are old spawn points that Tosfera added and should've been working long time ago so I was not aware of their rotation nor did I bother with how they're rotated. For me, from a scripter's point of view it's most important that it works how it's intended to work lol, if I remember to I'll fix their rotations up.

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