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[Appeal - #0021] Klaudussia:D


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Username:[/b] Klaudussia:D

Date of ban: Hmm, 2017 r August? :'(

Reason for ban:  Ban evasion (nick Klaudussia:D)

Duration of ban: always :-X (Your serial number has been blocked) :-[

Why do you believe you need a second chance:( I would like to get an unban because I like to play on this server.)

I wanted to apologize for what I did. I promise I will not do itI will not do it. It was the only server on which I devoted so much time.

Which administrator banned you:caracatus1  :-\

Additional notes: As I said, I want to get unban because I really like this server. I played on it every day. So if there is a chance ... I promise I'll improve

I wanted to add that I really care, because I worked so hard 20,000xp and suddenly I was banned :(.

I apologize for what I did. I hope it will be positively received.

I apologize for spam.

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