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SAPDFR MTA Theme(Update - v1.2)


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Version: 1.2

Download: https://mega.nz/#!V6AwRQhJ!cRI1IJZ61tBfkIa6s80kqmTsinLmjDw_wAROwJtxnIs

How to install:

-Go to MTA/cgui and replace images

-Go to skins and put the SAPDFR folder there

Photo: https://imgur.com/zv7BHFi

I've decided to keep the old version too, maybe someone likes it and would like to use it.

Outdated version: https://mega.nz/#!BjJhwC4Y!8iAutX7NKn44zCQ2OBbITREuq8f4-rpDGUi-pTKSqCk


Thx guys for the photos from gallery #Discord #greatphotos

*The skin was not made by me, i only modified the colors!

Update v1.1:

-The text is aligned

-Color changes

Update v1.2:

-New text font

-Logo changed

© 2019 Advanced Gaming  All rights reserved

Do not reupload without my permission!


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