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High Command Staff Changes


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Hello there,

Today we're more than happy to announce that there have been some changes in our High Command staff team, in a good sense that is. As of today Caracatus1[/member] has been promoted from Head of Helpers to Head of Administration and he's fully in charge of the staff team and Chico2[/member] has been promoted from Staff Supervisor to Head of Helpers which means that from now on all Helper letters of interests are to be sent to him via Discord DMs, not Caracatus1.

In addition to that we're also happy to announce that armin4321[/member] has been promoted from Moderator to Administrator (staff supervisor) as well as goober5198[/member] has been promoted from Moderator to Administrator (no extra roles assigned).

We're more than sure that they're going to do an excellent job in their roles and we also can't wait to see them start!

Kind regards,

Advanced Gaming Management


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