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[Appeal - #0025] - Gerak6


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Username: Gerak6

Date of ban: 21.02.18r.

Reason for ban: non english

Duration of ban: 7 days

Why do you believe you need a second chance: I want a second chance, so I know the second ban, but I often confuse the chat global and local keys. I want to keep playing, because I have nowhere to play and I'm bored and I only play here and it's the best server. I know that temporary penalties do not appeal, but please bear with me, I love this server and it is boring without it. I will try not to confuse the chat rooms anymore.

Which administrator banned you: Nick

Additional notes: I am asking for your understanding and giving me a second chance. Please, nice :(

I know that provisional penalties do not appeal, but please bear with me.

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