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Update 1.1.5 - February 28 2018


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Burrito spawning in Vehicle Theft & Armored Truck Robbery callouts
  • Added a possible fix for player blips not deleting after quitting
  • Fixed ELS panel popping up while /hidehud was enabled
  • Fixed EXP rewards sometimes giving weird decimal numbers for donators with exp bonuses
  • Fixed the unwanted guest which usually brought a stretcher with himself staying at your vehicle after using /spawn


General Improvements


  • Added /getherevehicle (alt: /gethereveh, /ghv) for Moderator+ which teleports player's personal vehicle to them
  • Added Head Administrator rank
  • Added /setadmin command for Head Admin+
  • Added 2 new radio stations: Nightwave Plaza (thanks Joel9309[/member] for the suggestion) & Old School R&B
  • [Experimental] Added a new endless pursuit system as well as made peds generate more dynamic routes (Bone County shouldn't be the hot spot anymore)
  • Improved vehicle pursuits by making the AI drive a lot faster than before (they're no longer stuck to ~80 km/h and can reach top speed)
  • Increased exp reward for patient drop off by 5 exp
  • Decreased exp reward for subject neutralized by 5 exp, increased arrest reward by 5 exp (please move your finger from the trigger, thanks!)
  • Changed All Saints Hospital's medic position so it's no longer close to the rude boxes that did nothing but damage your bumper
  • Added /setvol command for radios, it ranges from 0 - 100, default volume is 50
  • Spray can and tear gas are now functional, big thanks to Zorgman for the idea on how to make it work!
  • Added the missing tear gas HUD icon
  • Adjusted rotations of ambulances at the Los Santos spawn (Happy Winged002[/member] ?)
  • Added a lot of new possible ped names


New Features


  • Added new callout: Street Race in Progress. This is the 20th callout in SAPD:FR Online and is only available at one place for now just so we could see if there are any bugs in it that we need to eliminate first, more locations will be added after. Vehicles can be either exotic or sport and have a random chance of spawning modified as well. They'll always make a run for it so make sure you're well prepared because they're not an easy catch with the updated pursuits system!

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Added hotfix 1.1.5a:

- Added yet another possible fix for pursuit peds despawning in rare occurances (should be fully fixed now)

- Removed Burrito from Vehicle Theft callout for real now (how dumb of me to add it in changelog but forgot to actually do it)

- Minor change to Glendale's (Unmarked Police LV) handling, should be less happy to flip itself now.

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