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Suggestions for SAPDFR 1.1


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Well with 1.1 being announced let's put some input on the new update to to make SAPDFR more fun :D

List of suggestions I have:

-Create new callouts specifically for cadets at patrol zones in case if they do not go partner with a higher rank patrol officer so cadets dont complain how boring being a cadet is (e.g. mall security, petty crimes, directing traffic, parking tickets, etc)

-For FD callouts, have different fire scenarios (gas fire, electrical fire, indoor fire, building fires, cat stuck in a tree? etc.)

-Change the name of SAPDFR to something else maybe? (up to you guys tho) I mean if ur adding emt and FD then perhaps a new name to fit the roles of playing FD and EMT :P

-Add new equipment (if possible) for Police, EMT, and FD. Police could have beanbag shotgun, flashbang, spike strips, etc. FD could have jaws of life, axe, etc. EMT can have a defilberator machine :P

-Add new callouts for police. Examples include store robbery, small riot, missing person reports (LSPDFR has good callouts that can be taken for suggestions)

-Improve traffic stop system by actually giving out citations, suspend NPC's driver's license, working breathalyzer test, more illegal items in the trunk, etc.

-Improve pursuit system (maybe) and add pursuit callouts to make it more fun

-Add accessible buildings for crime happening inside stores

-Allow police stations to be accessible inside and put vendors inside accessible police stations to make it more realistic

-Add a new Fire station in LS and or other locations that dont have an FD station like we used to have in FRMP like this one for example


That's all I have for now. I may have more suggestions for 1.1 tho :D


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