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2010 G20 Summit

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I know its well past when this happened, but I feel it is a very important discussion we should all be having, especially with the different situations around the world that can result in similar situations.

I want to hear your thoughts. What is a peaceful protest? When does it cross the line into an unlawful assembly? When does it go to the point of no return and become a full blown riot?

What should be the line law enforcement DOES NOT CROSS.

More importantly, was what was done in the following video the right way to handle it, or should there have been a different approach? If you were involved, both as a demonstrator, a bystander, or even a cop, what would you have done?

I know SCPD[/member] lives around the area where this happened, and may even have a unique insight to the whole ordeal. I'm anxious to hear his thoughts

Here is the video

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All I can say is its highly controversial. If your just walking down the street marching thats peaceful protest. If your doing property damage or throwing hate speech about supremest or something thats riot and anarchy.

The problem starts when innocent civilians are caught in between rioters and police. All you see is just a mass number of people running everywhere and police do not know who to actually detain. They can only detain and closed down areas until order is restored. I.e. 50% chance of arresting troublemakers and 50% of arresting random civies that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was watching the news on CP24 and there were interviews saying "wtf am I arrested for?"

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