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[Appeal - #0029] Funkey


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Username: Funkey

Date of ban: 09.05.2018

Reason for ban: Report 210.

Duration of ban: Permanent.

Why do you believe you need a second chance: It was my second day on the server. I'm fresh player so I think I should get warning or something from administration. I didn't expect instant perm-ban. I think that the duration of ban is too much long, I can pass through shorter ban, but unban will be nice of you.

Which administrator banned you: Nick or Chico2, idk.

Additional notes: I really want to comeback on the server and play with my friends again. I'm really, really sorry for that accident, it will be my last illegal thing on this server.

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Judging based off report 210, you were purely annoying the player, ultimately resulting in him not enjoying being in-game. Our community members are here to have fun and you ruined it for him, or atleast you ruined his experience, which is a huge no in this community.

As of today, you are blacklisted from appealing the ban until 14/AUG/18.

If you attempt to appeal the ban before the mentioned date above, the punishment will prevail and you will completely lose access to the server, permanently - your right to appeal the ban will completely vanish.

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