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[Report - #0229] Patryk01xd, Wahab and Gendarmerie - various


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Username: Kendrick

Usernames of players you are reporting: Patryk01xd, Wahab and Gendarmerie

Date of offense: 7/8/2018

Which rules did the offenders break: Gendarmerie - Stealing Civillian Vehicles, Patryk01xd - Insulting Staff, Wahab - Killing suspects for no reason

Which punishment do you believe is fair for the offender: Temporary ban for Patryk01xd; Wahab: Ban for 3 days, same for Gendarmerie, but for 4 days

Proof of offenders breaking the rules: Patryk01xd: https://i.imgur.com/qjDnfBE.png / Wahab: https://i.imgur.com/BFWQ5bd.png / Gendarmerie: https://i.imgur.com/umWqvYy.png


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