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(Player Report) Raven


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Username: Bolkar

Username of player you are reporting: Raven

Date  of offense: 9-1-2018

Which rule(s) did the offender break: (he used to humiliate me and play my custody, and he lied to me for 2 weeks without embarrassment because of his own)

Which punishment do you believe is fair for the offender: there is evidence that he swore at me

Proof of offender breaking the rule(s) (Video/Screenshots/Logs): 2018-09-01 15:36:13] [Output] : [local] Raven: fucking strop u asshoile

[2018-09-01 15:36:27] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: dont insulting me

2018-09-01 15:36:45] [Output] : [Global - Unit 7111] Raven: u dont kill suspect on soght unless they engage first

[2018-09-01 15:36:46] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: local chat insulting me

[2018-09-01 15:37:04] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: suspect assaulting

[2018-09-01 15:37:17] [Output] : [Global - Unit 7111] Raven: next time i see this iam taking  screenshots and reporting your ass i have enought of ur shit

[2018-09-01 15:37:19] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: one hand weapon you blind eye

2018-09-01 15:37:35] [Output] : [Global - Unit 7111] Raven: u keep coming late and killing my suspect which have already surrendered

[2018-09-01 15:39:06] [Output] : [Global - Unit 7111] Raven: thsi is a rp server do u even understand waht it means u degenerate

[2018-09-01 15:39:08] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: raven you says to me and insulting me

[2018-09-01 15:39:26] [Output] : [Global - Unit 7111] Raven: they stop doing things which makes people mad

[2018-09-01 15:39:34] [Output] : [Global - Unit 7111] Raven:  u think i like insulting you

[2018-09-01 15:40:00] [input]  : [local] Raven: fucking strop u asshoile

[2018-09-01 15:40:10] [input]  : say [local] Raven: fucking strop u asshoile

[2018-09-01 15:40:10] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: [local] Raven: fucking strop u asshoile

[2018-09-01 15:40:18] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: you say to me

[2018-09-01 15:40:25] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: i am reported

[2018-09-01 15:40:31] [Output] : [Global - Unit 7111] Raven: yeah i said that when u just straight up killed the susp[ect which i had detained

[2018-09-01 15:41:04] [Output] : [Global - Unit 8203] Bolkar: reported

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you are swearing at me You are writing without a reason You are guilty Your guilt is bigger than guilt Now and here you are me You are a criminal, a criminal is a crime I like to commit crime People like me are very fond of catching you These log records are true I will tell you that your way is open to the hiding behind an admin, but the way is not the way the wrong way raven
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