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Question about server files in relation to modding sounds


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Hi,straight to the topic:

> I play with modded (replaced) deagle.wav and taser.wav sounds placed in "sounds" and "audio" resources folders.

> It seems that the sapdfr server auto replaces them back to default sound when i join so i have to replace it every time i join (i just like playing with custom sounds for better immersion so i continously replace them).

My question: Is it possible to turn off that server auto download thing?(spinning circle when loading into the game) / overcome the file replacement to original files? Or should i change the folder's properties to prevent MTA application from changing it's files? It's really annoying to alt+Tab each time in game to change 2 sounds.

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As far as I'm aware, these files will be downloaded/replaced each time you connect to the server without the possibility of avoiding that. I had asked a similar question in the past about the stretcher and if memory serves correct that is roughly what I was told. You could theoretically replace the gun sounds the same way you would for singleplayer modding (through SAAT) but I'm not sure what bank those would go in.
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I found out how to overcome it! :o now my replaced sounds are permanent.

(And no,editing gta:sa game files has no sense as in SAPDFR:ONLINE it plays server's sounds anyway if you modded vanilla SA or not)

-Right click on certain file in sounds/audio folder that you want to prevent from being replaced  > properties > general > mark "read only"

-now go to "Security" tab > unmark all modify/save/full controll permissions and stuff like that,if they are marked.So the're not a single one thing marked(but "read" and "read and execute" are marked and it's not changable)

You can try it on your own with my realistic glock sound mod:


WARNING This audio has fixed volume because GTA makes it less loud ingame,so just don't play it with high volume on headphones if you don't want your ears to bleed

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It works in a way that it disables the original GTA:SA weapon sound and then plays a custom sound file whenever you shoot your gun with a customized volume and sound distance, so technically you should not be able to overcome it.

If there was a way for me to directly replace the sound file through the server I would've done so and would have expanded SAPDFRMods resource to weapon sounds as well but sadly there is no possibility to do so.

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