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[Appeal - #0058] Placok


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Username: Placok

Date of ban: 2018-08-17

Reason for ban: Spamming AI towtrucks and shooting causing traffic traffic in Id...

Duration of ban: I do not know, I only have the words "you've been banned"

Why do you believe you need a second chance: I need it cuz without this server mta is boring, i was playing only on 2 servers, RolePlay and first respond, pls give me second chance, i dont do it again :(

Additional notes: Its my 2 appel.

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Due to your lack of patience and constant messages to staff, as well as PMing management + high command about your appeal, your appeal is denied. I will give you one chance to appeal again, but have the patience to wait, because we are all very busy with real life stuff.

The appeal verdict is not as simple as declining/accepting, because we have to look through everything, that is your account history etcetera, so the process in itself is time consuming.

If you fail to have the required patience for your second appeal, you will completely lose the ability to appeal.

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