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Officer Master After signing off.


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Hello there everybody! (press this link to add drama:


Master After here if you didn't notice by the title of the subject and by the author ;) This is my "goodbye post" if you can call it like that (it's gonna be a long one :) ). I've spent some time in the SAPDFR community but lately (if you can call half of the year lately :P) I wasn't active at all. There were a lot of changes in my private life. Some on the better, others for worse. However I keep moving on because like Freddie Mercury from the Queen sang "The Show Must Go On".

I don't have the same amount of time for gaming as I did previously. I still play some games from time to time, even online. However I don't have the same amount of strength and time to engage myself in more serious stuff. Things like managing forum as a moderator or helping out community as the member of the staff. It requires a lot of commitment and investment of your free time that I currently lack. I wanted to apologize for not giving any signs of life for this past time. It just wasn't right of me. I really admire other members of staff and community that manage to keep the "train" rolling despite having problems of their own.

I'm bounded with gaming since I remember. Besides the motorcycles and girls ;D it's my second biggest passion that I love <3. However I decided to step down with role play and police gaming for a while. Don't get me wrong I like both of them. I just realised that I'm not really doing much towards them in the last months.

Some people say that games are dumb and they make people go for each others throats. I strongly disagree with that! This community, staff and developers of this mod prove this statement wrong! This community makes people come together, help each other out in the time of need. It's just like the family. Big, international, crazy one but still family. We're all out there for each other. Of course like it happens in real families sometimes we have disagreements, fights and arguments. Sometimes a "black sheep" appears on the horizon and tries to break us apart... BUT WE STILL STAY STRONG AND UNITED! 8)

I really wanted to say special thanks to people like Tosfera[/member] Mafia[/member] Blast3r[/member] SCPD[/member] Caracatus1[/member] Chico2[/member] MaXKillS[/member] @Nick and many others members of staff and management. You guys really keep this thing going no matter the circumstances or obstacles that you encounter. You've really made an amazing job with this mod and the game itself. Who would have thought that GTA SA would be so alive today? You keep this family together and prevent it from falling apart.

To wrap it all up. I really got a little bit emotional. I thought about writing this down like a 1,000 times but I could never manage to pull myself together to do it. Maybe it sounds stupid of me but I thought about coming back. Many times over and over. You know rising from the ashes like the phoenix! Making a big entry! Eh... a grown man getting so emotional about some random people on the internet from different parts of the world and some stupid game. It's weird isn't it? Some people will never understand this :'(

I'm sorry if I hurt anyone or insulted anybody. You can believe me or not but I really do! I hope that maybe I've also put some life and something into this project. Maybe I inspired someone. After all SAPDFR, this game and most importantly PEOPLE will forever be stuck in my memory and be the part of my life <3

I whish you all everything best! Have wonderful and beautiful lives! Never give up! Remember that after the storm the sun always comes up. There's always tomorrow.

Officer Master After is signing off. Out of service. End of duty January 9th 2019.

P.S. You can still message me privately on Discord. I'll try to be there if someone has anything to say or if he needs to talk :D

https://i.imgur.com/b66BmFo.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>


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You'll be missed. On behave of the entire community and staff, thank you for everything. The good times, the bad times, the laughs, the arguments and critics. We enjoyed having you here and you know what we always say to retired staff; the door is always open for you.

Stay strong my friend!

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