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Hey! It's been a while


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Well, this is quite weird, I don't know if anybody remembers me, but i am "trying" to come back to the server, i last played in late 2017, and left due to IRL problems, It's been quite a while since i have even visited the forums, Sooo.. i don't know, i am back? How's things?
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[sAPD:FR ONLINE] Foxie has joined as unit 371.

[Global - Unit 375] Dwyp360: hi foxie

[Global - Unit 371] Foxie: Hey

[Global - Unit 375] Dwyp360: got a face book

[Global - Unit 371] Foxie: No, how many times i have to say it.

[Global - Unit 375] Dwyp360: ok

[sAPD:FR ONLINE] Foxie has left the server (Quit)

Welcome back

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