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[Appeal - #0088] Heavenly


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Username: Heavenly

Date of ban: 14.07.2019

Reason for ban: Spam PM

Duration of ban: Permanent

Why do you believe you need a second chance: One player prevented me from playing the game and I sent him Spam PM messages. I really regret it and I didn't know it was forbidden. I won't do it again, I apologize again. Please remove my game ban. I promise I won't do it again.

Which administrator banned you: Chico2

Additional notes: I would like to apologize again and promise that if I get a second chance I will improve myself

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

I have a really hard time believing that you regret what you did and that you "will improve yourself" when the ban was issued just 4 days ago. One does not change in a mere 4 days. If you did not know what you did was wrong, perhaps have a look at our rules. You also did not use the correct ban appeal format (title included) and did not reach the minimum word requirement. In addition to that, you posted the ban appeal in the wrong section - it has to be posted under "Ban Appeals" and not "Resolved Appeals".

A 3 month appeal cooldown has been issued and you can re-appeal 18/10/2019.

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