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[SHW] California Highway Patrol pack


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Hey y'all I figured instead of keeping these mods to my self I should tease ya....model edits and skins were done by me as well as elm mapping and realistic steady burn lights to the real chp.....these aren't all the vehicles these are just some of them  ;D

http://i.imgur.com/5czr7TE.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/fbfQyN9.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/RBswAzm.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/YWwaKrW.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/zWFemb4.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/suEmPJs.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/DSJ3dpV.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

Let me know what yall think

http://i.imgur.com/Gh1EKzz.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

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You don't have to include credits if you aren't releasing, but since you put partial credits you need to list full credits for models. Thanks!


wish I could remember who did em


I'll put together a list of credits in the near future and when I get more time (we're talking May - June folks), maybe even some tutorials and pin them to this sub-section. Hopefully this will spur some new life into this dying modding realm!

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