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1993 Mercury Tracer


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1993 Mercury Tracer


https://i.imgur.com/B04JlSR.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

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Please note that the dash and deck light seen in some pictures on the Xoomer vehicle have been removed.

Download: GTAInside | Mediafire


- 1993 Mercury Tracer, 12 variants

- 12 designs using real phone numbers

- Template

- readme

- Archive of original files as requested in original readme, includes original model

- Featuring revised Code 3 MX7000, Code 3 Excalibur, Federal Signal Jetstream, and Federal Signal Streethawk, with minor updates to Whelen Edge variants and the Whelen Advantedge


- burner (model)

- MindFuck (conversion)

- Grimm (parts)

- ThatOneIowan (models/edits, lighting equipment)

- Reckless (parts)

- Bxbugs123 (parts)

- Anyone else I may have missed (please contact me)


Editing Disclaimer

This modification may have bugs. Template(s) provided (if any) may not be correct for model. Templates can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12pc8gX4BKWcbMYKaw2rYolj1zX2Q7SgT8nq2TA4NNpM/edit?usp=sharing. If you have any questions or if the template is not in the gallery please contact me.


Can be installed via GGMM, IMG Tool 2.0, Alci’s IMG Editor, or another tool designed to edit gta3.img. Occasionally I may accidentally release a modification with two different names for the .dff and .txd. Please contact me and I will let you know the best slot to use as well as correct the download at my earliest convenience.

Handling Information

Vehicles are designed to be used with slots designated in compressed file or in readme. Handling lines are not provided.


Images are not included with the download to reduce file size.




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