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So after playing the game I figured it would be nice to add a MDC system where you can be in your car to run a name or vehicle on a mdc and if your on foot you use central. Now with this MDC I think that with each call you should have to type up a report of the person and the event of what happened on the call and it gets saved on to a MySQL to save and if someone wants to check the report say a supervisor they can. Now say your on a traffic stop and you search some a NPC there should be a option where you can add a note to the bottom for other officers later on to see the outcome and why the NPC was stopped before also I think it would be Good to add a option to where theres a current refresh so if say (OFFICER A) arrest jane_doe and added her to the mdc say later on (OFFICER B) stops jane_doe and runs her name....Her arrests come up and the last time she was arrested and so forth
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