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[Report - #0450] #32341 in Game - I do not know if it is in the regulations beca


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Username: Marcin

Username of player you are reporting: I don't know what the nickname was on the server but I have his number: 32341.

Date  of offense: 01.07.2020

Which rule(s) did the offender break: I do not know if it is in the regulations because I could not find but blocked me with a fire engine and then fled on foot.

Which punishment do you believe is fair for the offender: Ban for 1-3 days or any warning.

Proof of offender breaking the rule(s) (Video/Screenshots/Logs): I have 2 ss. I will give a link to them because here I can't post them in the forum.

Here is the link to: https://imgur.com/gallery/9xoPd84

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