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[Suggestion] City names for callouts


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: Instead of just areas, like downtown there should be a city name. An example could be a Report of an assault in downtown, Los Santos

Why should this be added?: I don't like when I am in San Fierro and I get callouts from Los Santos

Anything else you'd like to add?: No.

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Personally, a better idea would be to have callouts assigned based on location. Like

If you are in Los Santos, you’d also get calls for

  • Red County


If you are in San Fierro, you’d get calls for

  • Flint County


    Tierra Robada


If you are in Las Ventura’s you’d also get calls for

  • Bone County

    Fort Carson.


Personally I think that might be the better idea. If you’re too far away from a Call in real life dispatchers won’t assign you to it if there are closer units

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