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Radio Callout Suggestions


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Radio Callout Suggestions

Traffic Collisions:

Officers can receive the call as "Hit and Run (w/ injury or w/o injury)", "unknown injury traffic collision", or "non-injury traffic collision." However, the call could be any of the following types:

- Non-injury/injury traffic collision: Officers will be responsible for clearing blocked lanes of traffic by towing vehicles, determining if any subjects are injured and calling for medical if needed, and determining fault by talking with the involved parties. This can be done through the pre-existing ped interaction box. Add options in there to interact with a ped to ask questions. Once fault is determined, and the scene is cleared, the officer can decide whether to cut a citation or not.

- DUI traffic collision: Officers will respond to the call as stated above, however the one of the subjects involved will be exhibiting objective signs of intoxication (in the game is the unsteady walking). The officers will need to conduct a DUI investigation (SFST's) and determine if the driver needs to be arrested for DUI. Follow all other procedures as stated above.

- Hit and Run collision: Officer will respond to call of a hit an run. Once officers arrive, they will need to determine if they need to tow any vehicles and if any medical assistance is needed. Officers can interview subjects involved through the pre-existing ped interaction box. Through the interview, officers will learn information about the hit and run suspect vehicle. Officers can then put out a BOLO to dispatch for the suspect vehicle (this may be automated). Officers then can conduct area checks for the suspect vehicle and try to initiate a traffic stop. The suspect may run, stop, be intoxicated, etc...

Suicidal Subjects:

Officers will receive a callout of a suicidal subject. However, just like in real life, often times details will be wrong or limited. The following are some suggestions for calls:

- Suicide by cop - Officers will respond to this call with limited information. The suicidal subject will have a weapon, however they may not shoot or attack officers right away. Officers will have to decide whether to interact with the subject, use less lethal, or lethal force. This call type will allow players to work together. For example, one officer can be designated as a "less lethal" while the cover officer is a "lethal." One officer can also interact with the ped through the pre-existing ped interaction box. The officer can select conversation texts to try to talk the subject down. If the subject surrenders, he can be detained and transported by the officer or ambulance to the hospital. If the subject uses lethal force against officers or others, officers will need to decide how to respond.

Suicidal subjects - Officers will respond to the call with or without information. The suicidal subject can be talked to through the pre-existing ped interaction box. Through a conversation, the officer will have to determine if the subject meets the criteria for a mental health hold (for us it's WI 5150 - danger to self, others, or gravely disabled as a result of a mental illness). Officers can detain and transport to the hospital or call an ambulance for transport if they decide to place subject on a hold. Also, the subject may decide at any time to attack the officer or hurt themself. Officer will need to determine appropriate force.

415's - Disturbing the Peace:

- 415 verbals - basically it's an argument between people. Officers will need to respond and determine if any crime has been committed. Officers can interact with peds through pre-existing ped interaction box.

- 415 physicals - any type of physical altercation (mutual combat, domestic violence, assault, ADWs, etc...)

- 415 friendlies - what you think it is..... making out in the car.

Civil Calls:

-Request for civil standby for civil issue - although it may seem dumb, officers can respond to assist citizens with civil issues. The goal is to keep the peace. If a crime is committed in front of officers during civil standby, officers can decide how to resolve incident.

-Neighbor complaints - use your imagination for the text of the call. The goal is for the officer to respond and determine if a crime has been committed or not. There may be a chance that neighbors get into a physical altercation.

Burglary in progress:

- Vehicle, commercial, residential burglaries

- As officers respond to the call, there may be a chance that the suspect vehicle leaves the scene. If this occurs, the information can be BOLO'd and the officers will have to make area checks for the suspect vehicle.

- Officers may arrive and have to deal with a burglary in progress.

- Officers may arrive and the suspects will be gone and there will be no investigative leads or information to BOLO. In that case, officers are still given XP for responding and "taking the report"


- Officers can respond to a report of a shoplift that has just occurred. Suspect may be fleeing on foot or in a vehicle. Again, officers will need to make area checks and BOLO information if no suspects are fond.

-XP given for "report" if no suspect is found.


-Armed, strong armed, silent hold up alarms, etc....

Alarm calls:

-Residential or commercial alarms

-May be a false alarm or good burglary.

Shots fired call:

-Possibility of being a false alarm (car backfiring, fireworks, etc...)

-Possibility of encountering subject(s) who are armed.

-Possibility of gang war/driveby

911 Hangups

-Possibility of being any of the call types listed above or ones currently available.

That's all I got for now,

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

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I'm gonna have to -1 the 911 hangups, that already gets annoying on the suspicious vehicle callout being a prank, we shouldn't have to deal with anymore.
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I'm gonna have to -1 the 911 hangups, that already gets annoying on the suspicious vehicle callout being a prank, we shouldn't have to deal with anymore.


Dont be a cop here then half their calls are either bullshit or end up being UTL

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