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Update 1.0.11 - March 4 2017


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Community Manager not being able to use the helper system
  • Fixed a somewhat big bug which would entirely bug out NPCs that were in vehicles. This would usually result in frisk finds being "nothing" and them not being added as valid arrests, as well as some other issues in terms of setting their stats
  • Fixed Vehicle Data not being set for Suspicious Vehicle callout
  • Fixed permanent ban option not properly banning user's account


General Improvements


  • Improved handlings for Premier & Cheetah based on player feedback
  • Unmarked Patrol 2 car should no longer flip as easily, it's handling has been improved as well
  • Removed suspension lower limit from Unmarked Patrol 2, this resolves issues in which installing car mods onto it would make it "drag the road"
  • Removed Cheetah from the list of spawnable traffic AI
  • Increased max distance of pursuits
  • Added a new skin for Chief of Police ranks in PD departments
  • Added ability to mute the song on the login screen


New Features


  • Added a brand new design to the spawn selection, as seen on the teaser screenshots of 1.1.
  • Added a new background downloader which decreases required download size to join greatly (from ~70-75 MB to ~4-5 MB)
  • Added new siren lights for Police LS, SF, LV, Ranger & Premier (may not be visible on car mods or may not look properly adjusted with car mods)




  • Added a new callout: Vehicle Theft - initiates a pursuit as requested by players with a small chance of a special vehicle such as "hotringa" or a hot dog van spawning.
  • Suspicious Vehicle is no longer considered a Elite Callout
  • Suspicious Vehicle's first location has been moved to another to fix the issue in which the NPCs would not get into a pursuit properly
  • Added 10 new possible locations for Suspicious Vehicle
  • Increased the chance of ambush in Suspicious Vehicle by a little bit




  • Added Czech language translation - big thanks to PapuleX for the translations
  • Added a global translation for the following languages (in UIs):
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Danish
    • Croatian

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Well this looks a pretty nice update. I'd like to see in the following update Romanian language ;) and the "follow" option from actions menu should be removed and add something with "hold the suspect" , here is a image from GTA IV: http://imgur.com/QNi29NR . Because it will be more easy when you have a drunk npc and in the same time more realistic.
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If you can find me the animation that's being used for both elements (cop and subject), I can implement it. The Romanian language can be done, I'll create a topic with everything that has to be translated and allowt he entire community to translate the script. Voting on best answers, etc.
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