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[Report - #0018] Player report: Oliver21334


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Username: Caracatus1

Username of player you are reporting: Oliver21334

Date of offense: 05/03/2017

Which rule(s) did the offender break: Non english in global.

Which punishment do you believe is fair for the offender: Ban (2-3 days) or Mute.

Proof of offender breaking the rule(s):

http://i.imgur.com/szSOdya.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/LDFjo1M.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/ueDmJXq.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>


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I've decided that due to this being over 72 hours old, it will be marked as resolved without action as we have not seen him in game. We will keep an eye out for this behavior, and if it starts again please file another report.


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