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[Appeal - #0134] Pafciu


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Username: Pafciu


Date of ban: 25.04.2019r.


Reason for ban: Misbehavior to players & admins


Duration of ban: Permanent


Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): Hello. I'd like to play on your server, but i am banned. For real, i don't remeber why i get banned. Probably i was very rude for other players and administration of server. I am really sorry, i promise i will improve my behavior. One thing what i please for is second chance. Please unban my account and let me play on your service. Now i am older than 3 years ago and my behavior is really better. I think everybody can get the second chance so i please for it too. Have a nice day! Sorry for my last trashtalk! I wish see you in game 😄


Which administrator banned you: DoorMan


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