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[Appeal - #0135] Aerciak


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Username: Aerciak


Date of ban: A long time ago, when trying to connect to the server it doesnt show the date.


Reason for ban: "Impersonating an admin and asking for it".


Duration of ban: Permanent serial ban.


Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): Okay, so first of all, I wasn't really impersonating an admin if I can remember correctly, but that's not valid cause I can't prove it. I think I can get a second chance because it has been a long time since I got banned and I also started playing MTA again and would want to continue my career on this server.


Which administrator banned you: I don't remember, neither does it appear when trying to connect.


Additional notes: I copied my last appeal that got denied (#0124), it was a long time ago since the ban. I think that I deserve a second chance, I really did change and I matured. Hope to hear from y'all soon with a positive response, thanks! (I think it is almost 2 years since the ban, I really did change a lot)

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Ban appeal ACCEPTED

You will be kept under watch by the entire staff team. One simple mistake and you will have your account banned again. If you accept this, you are willing to prove yourself that you are now a matured civil being. 

Please contact @Tosfera on Discord to get your account unbanned. 

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