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Update v1.3.1 - 11 September 2022


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A rather quick new update which we just had to do, a long overdue change to one of the core features of the server: callouts. We've recently shared this post with you about what we're changing and why. The update has been released today since we knew that this was way too important to not put live.


Bug fixes

  • Shaders in the county side on vehicles should now properly work (the Bone County Sherrif on the back)
  • The scoreboard should now properly calculate how many players it can display before a scrollbar appears
  • MVA callout has been fixed, it had several errors
  • Going in service with F4 will now properly say whether you're FD or EMT


General improvements

  • Renamed Angel Pine to flint County
  • Attempts have been made on syncing the in-game time
  • Added over 80 new pre-set locations for multiple callouts (street brawl, street race, armed robbery, building fire, fire callouts)
  • Experimental feature: we've taught the towtruck to rotate their vehicle when they spawn, so that they might find their way easier to their target. Resulting in much more reliability. If this properly works, we'll introduce it into every backup unit.


New features

  • Dispatch is now limited to departments, as explained in this post
  • Dispatch chat is hereby split into 2 categories:
    • Global: all the calls and notifications are gathered here, from the entire server
    • Department Name: LSPD, FCSD, etc are the department filtered notifications to keep you focussed on what's happening in your jurisdiction


Even though this changelog is rather small, it's still a huge game changer for the overal experience of the server. Let us know what you think on Discord or here on the forums. We would love to hear your response!

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