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[Report - #0575] ADAM123


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Reporter's in game username: _kierownicaa

Reported player's in game username: ADAM123

Date of the offence: 27.03.2023

Rules that the player broke: Toxic, polish in global chat.

Fair punishment according to the reporter: In my opinion, it's up to you to decide - I'm just a player.



Hi. I am writing in this matter that on one player who mercilessly makes the game difficult for others, rams, writes in a different language in the global chat, below are some screenshots, further my departure. Regards.


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The user _kierownicaa will be muted for 48 hours due to offensive language in the global chat, unnecessarily replying to someone being toxic in an offensive manner.

Nayanek will be banned for 48 hours due to offensive language in the global chat and destruction of vehicles / offensive behavior.


Adam123 is hereby permanently banned due to a heavy history of bans and mutes already.

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