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[Appeal - #0144] Alexandro


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I have been banned from SAPD:FR since 2021 due to a problem with a staff member, I don't really remember what happened but I would like to know if I can be unbanned, I have the MTA:SA serial number banned, I will leave it below to find out if I will be unbanned to continue playing this wonderful server.

This is my MTA serial: A655BA4CA18205A99DFC08A4FC631803

This is the reason of ban: https://imgur.com/a/8ljhn1h

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  • Blast3r changed the title to [Appeal - #0144] Alexandro

Your ban appeal has been DENIED, according to the logs you went above and beyond to insult one of our Head Administrator's family for a 24-hour ban you were given.

Since you mentioned that you don't remember why you were banned, I will attach the Discord logs that are attached to your ban report below:


Unfortunately you do not have a right to re-appeal later down the line either, this ban will remain permanent as our community does not have a spot for people such as yourself.

Kind regards,
Advanced Gaming Management

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