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Update 1.3.2 - 16 December 2023


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Update 1.3.2



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the hole in the hood present in the Unmarked LV's model (thanks @Majster!)
  • Peds can no longer be placed in the back of parked police vehicles
  • Fixed exp rewards for towed vehicles
  • Fixed ALPR text showing on top of your own vehicle if you activated it while entering the car
  • Fixed AI transport not actually giving the money even though the UI showed it as so
  • Fixed EXP render showing money reward even if there was no money reward (no more +0$)
  • Fixed water level not being properly reset after it's Busted Chaos effect ends


General Improvements

  • Cuffed peds can no longer be killed to prevent other cops trolling arrests
  • Reduced Pay 'n' Spray cost for Cheetah to 5$ as suggested by @TomAB
  • Pay 'n' Spray now shows how much money it took from you after it fixes your vehicle in the chatbox
  • Added Health pickups to all hospitals & FD spawn points (for the FD maps with interiors, look around the kitchen / cafeteria areas)
  • Traffic Stop vehicles will now ignored traffic lights to prevent them blocking their pursuits
  • Big Smoke's Crack Palace no longer has a big hole inside of it
  • Removed HPV1000's custom handling as it was just too OP, we'll update it again once MTA fixes the engine inertia for bikes.


  • Christmas scripts are now enabled again!
  • Make sure to visit the Christmas areas to listen to some music, relax and get some coffee from the vendors
  • Get in the Christmas spirit by wearing the Santa Hat (/santahat)
  • Santa will drop Christmas gifts in the form of exp & money rewards on a regular basis
  • Enable snowfall & snow shader in /settings
  • And last but not least, don't forget to fill your fellow officers with the snowballs by throwing snowballs at them with the "1" button!



  • Overhauled AI spawning, now vehicles & ped sets will depend on the zones that they spawn in. (i.e Industrial will spawn Industrial vehicles, Grove St. will spawn Grove St. gang members, Airport will spawn vehicles such as busses, etc.)
  • Greatly improved AI's braking distances, now it depends on where they're located at. I.e AI at the highway will brake much sooner than those inside the city areas driving slower
  • Pursuit AI will no longer brake at just absolutely everything, they'll try to ignore other AI & players as much as they can to make pursuits somewhat more fun
  • *Updated AI in ~50% of Los Santos, now they will drive faster than they used to (increase from ~30 km/h to ~60 km/h in many areas)



* The initial plan was to cover entire Los Santos for this update, however we heavily underestimated the time that was required to actually update all of the nodes inside of the city. Instead of delaying the update for this reason alone we've decided to release it as it is for now and cover rest of the areas in the next week or two and drop it as a "silent" update for which we'll notify you in Discord whenever we update. San Fierro and Las Venturas will follow after.

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