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Installing foundation for a shed

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So, my grandparents have a shed that year by year seems to be sinking into the ground. Its not a major major problem, sometimes opening the doors starts to get difficult. When it was originally installed (probably 30 years ago), there was never a complete concrete foundation put into place. there are 4 cement "standoffs" on each corner, but I am not sure what else is under neath.

What I'm thinking is if we can lift the shed up, and use something like a skid steer with a bucket, we could dig out an area, border it with plywood or even cardboard to hold the concrete in place, then pour the concrete into the hole, and lower the shed back on top of it.

Here's the problem. I am going to also upload some pictures from google maps for reference.  The main problems are, the age of the shed, the strength of the wood (possible rot), how strong it would be during the lift, and extremely limited space.

There is a chain link fence on one side of the garage and beside the shed. On the other side of the house is where the gas main, air conditioner, and hedge is.  On the side where the shed is, if you removed the chain link fence, you would maybe have enough room to squeeze a skid steer in to the back yard, but it would be extremely tight.

For supporting the shed when up in the air, I was thinking using steel beams across the underside of it could prevent the floor from collapsing underneath it, but the problem is how to actually lift it.

We could possibly rent a small mobile crane, the type you would maybe use for lifting pallets onto the roof of a low rise apartment building, but as this is a solid wood shed, I personally would be concerned about weight, and overloading the crane, as you would have to extend the boom over the garage and then lower the winches down to the shed. There is simply not enough space on either side of the property to get any large equipment into the back yard.

What I'm wondering, is what are your thoughts? Does anyone have any suggestions on how in the hell to accomplish this?

http://i.imgur.com/ABmNWPR.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/CDBwQNB.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

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I'm no scientist or contractor (my dad isn't either but he has built a shed in our backyard and built fences for the entire neighborhood :P) but I'm pretty sure sheds are not meant to fly up in the air. Lifting it can be risky.

However if u were take off the roof first, then the 4 walls, then lay down concrete, then put the 4 walls and the roof back together again, it should work. I've seen roofs taken off in order to remove the excess spray foam used for keeping heat in the house. Then again i'm no scientist or a contractor :P

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