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[Appeal - #0004] Guillaume

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Username: Guillaume

Date of ban: 5 IV 2017

Reason for ban: DM onto NPCs.

Why do you believe you need a second chance: Why? Because I didn't have any chance to exploit the first one.

Which administrator banned you: Blast3r

Additional notes: Due to the mistaken judgment of the administrator responsible for disabling access to my game for a week, I request a penalty reverse.  I'm motivating the fact that the reason for the ban was to cause a series of deliberate explosions in the Dillmore area. Explosions arosed due to the exchange of fire with the aggressive NPC and did not carry any serious consequences. Moreover, I was trying to unstuck an NPC, which I was willing to arrest. At Dillmore was only the administrator mentioned, me and my colleague (Calvin Fitzgerald)  - who was also an eyewitness of the whole event. So, this explosion did not disturb the gameplay of the rest of the players on the server. It is also worth mentioning that the administrator who imposed the punishment on me probably took me for a completely new player, because I was playing as APSD Cadet. This second-hand career appeared after my promotion  to Sergeant in LVPD.

In conclusion : Aggressive NPC caused me to open fire; lack of ability to unstuck NPC and his car (even though I was trying to press 'shift' while in car, multiple times to reverse 'car stop').

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It would be very nice if my lover was finally unbanned. After all, he did not do anything wrong; this irritating block makes it impossible for us to become excited by the game!


Waiting on Tosfera before I can proccess this, lately he's been awfully busy at work which is blocking him from accessing his PC therefore it's not going as fast as expected, sorry.

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