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TAB changes, show all ped/vehicle options, TS/Discord on F9, Time sync, +4 more

Guest slinkykilla

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-Access to vehicles lights/siren

>When the partners update comes out let passenger be able to have access the the vehicles lights/siren.


*Why Should it be added?:

  >it would be easier on the driver to be able to focus on driving, it would also give the passenger something to do besides sitting around.


-Rain/Sand storms

>Add rain storms to L.S and sand storms out in the desert.


*Why should it be added?:

>add more life to the server.


-Turn signals

> Add turn signals.


*Why should it be added?:

>once again to add more life to the server.


-List unit # next to name in tab

>List a players unit number next to their name on the tab menu.


*Why should it be added?:

  >it would make it easier to tell who is who.


-Display all character and vehicle choices at start menus

>As the title says, add all character and vehicle choices at start menus. of coarse add a lock symbol and a list of what rank each car/officer is unlocked at


*Why should it be added?:

  > it can confuse people when they are new and see only two officer skins and two cars to chose from, which intern could cause them to leave and not play on our server.


-Display servers discord/TS in F9

>As the title says.


*Why should it be added?:

  > it would make it easier for people to get to the servers TS and Discord.


-New Call-out locations

>Add new locations for call outs and maybe some all new call outs


*Why should it be added?:

> gets a bit repetitive to keep going to the same locations over and over.


-Add Enforcer van to parking lot in L.A

> As the title says


*Why should it be added?:

  >It would just be awesome to see a big bad ass swat truck in the parking lot


-Update F11 map

>Somewhere on the forums Blast3r posted a link to a detailed map which displays street names, if possible, add this as the F11 map. also if possible, add it as the default mini-map


*Why should it be added?:

> Because it is helpful to be able to see street names


-Alphabetical ordered Dept's in TAB

>As the title says list the police department people chose in alphabetical order.


*Why should it be added?:

>it would be easier to see who's in what dept.


-Sync time of day

>as the title says, sync the servers time of day for all players if possible


*Why should this be added?:

  >its annoying to get into a 'headlight on/off war' with your partner because on his/her screen its daytime but on my screen its night


-Change wording for rule #14

>under the 14th rule it only specify's to not kill street brawl members, I propose to update it to read 'you may only fire at suspects if you are fired upon'


*Why should it be added?:

  >it would add more clarity to the rule


-Neighborhood threat level's

>add higher or lower threat level's to different neighborhoods, example would be Ganton being a threat leavel red, in threat level red neighborhoods peds are gang members, ped's have higher chance of pulling out a weapon during a stop, peds have a higher chance of attacking officers etc,etc. maybe even color coordnate the zones in color on the map


*Why should it be added?:

  >more realism


-FAQ Section

>add a FAQ section the the forums, of which the very first thing that should be added to this section is a list of every rank, how much xp you need for said rank and all the weapons,perks, accessories you unlock at said rank


*Why should it be added?:

  >why not? I'm surprised it's not here already.

(F9 has this info)


-Make health stem II or III free for C.o.P

>as title says maybe add health stem 2 or 3 as a free item for Chief of Police rank.


*Why should it be added?:

  >Because there are no real other perks of being C.o.P


Thank You.



Edited by Nick to update title to something identifiable.

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