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Beta Testers needed!


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Since there are plenty of scripts that require multiple players to work we've decided that it's finally time to set up a public closed beta test server and hire a few beta testers.

What do we need?


  • Somebody who's willing to use Discord and able to respond on Discord when called
  • Somebody who can be active and is mature enough, able to listen and do whatever is requested
  • Long term members have advantage over new members as we're more familiar with them and have more trust into giving them access to non released features preview


When are beta tests done?

Beta testing has no preset time, whenever something needs to be tested latest updates will be uploaded to the test server and testers will be asked to either test it with someone of the staff member or just simply test for bugs on their own.


Tasks are simple, go into the server, do what has been requested from you, maybe take a further glance into new systems if you like them, don't share too much information into public & report any found bugs.

How do I apply?

Please send me a PM with the following format:


[b]In game username:[/b]



[b]Timezone (GMT):[/b]

[b]Why would you like to become a part of the beta tester team?:[/b]


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6 new beta testers added to the Discord's group, make sure to check Discord if you wish to see if you're accepted (due to the requirement being to use Discord I have decided not to respond to your PMs to see who's using Discord).
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