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[Event - 18/11/2017] Mountain Bike Race


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[align=center]Mountain Bike Race from LV Airport to Mountain Chilliad[/align]

[align=center]November 18 2017, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+1[/align]


Ran By: Blast3r[/member]

Reward to the winner: 250 exp.

Well, this weekend we're doing something different from regular patrols, to have us some fun and not so repetitive events we decided that the best way to do so would be hosting a mountain bike race that will start at the Las Venturas Airport and will end at the top of Mountain Chilliad. Each competitor is able to select whatever route they think is best, the first one to reach the top of the mountain will recieve 250 exp, 2nd place will recieve 150 exp and third place will recieve 50 exp. Hopefully you guys will support the idea of us doing something else and a little bit less serious, can't wait to hear your feedback on it! If you wish to attend just simply show up at the LV Airport this Saturday, November 18 at the Las Venturas Airport where we'll be waiting for you. Don't worry, prior to the start of the event we will make an announcement both in game and on Discord.

Hope to see you there,

Advanced Gaming Management


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