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[Report - #0129] - Vitaly & Reanmisator - Trolling


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Username: TypicalElite

Username of player you are reporting: Vitaly and Reanmisator

Date of offense: November 26, 2017

Which rule(s) did the offender break:

1) Attacking / killing other players on purpose

Attacking or killing other players on purpose is something that this gamemode is not intended for. The gamemode itself is fully based on working together with other players to apprehend Non Player Character (NPC) suspects and do whatever it takes to keep the streets clear from them. We will not tolerate any sort of attacks that happened on purpose. We are, however, fully aware that sometimes one could shoot another one by accident and if that's the case nobody will get a punishment.


Which punishment do you believe is fair for the offender: I'll be leaving the punishes to the handler's discretion, Vitaly and Reanmisator were definitely a lot of work for me as they disobeyed my orders when they were constantly speaking in their languages after stating multiple times to use /PM. Rule 1 has been broken multiple times by Vitaly and Reanmisator as they were BOTH shooting at NPC's and ambulances to prevent downed officers to be revived. They were definitely trolling by the looks of it, they're not capable in the community in my personal opinion.

Proof of offender breaking the rule(s) (Video/Screenshots/Logs):







[2017-11-26 09:32:38] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5062] Vitaly: I'm from Turkey

[2017-11-26 09:32:55] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5062] Vitaly: I hate English

[2017-11-26 09:33:28] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5049] Grubekubus011: come

[2017-11-26 09:34:09] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5062] Vitaly: ahsdwqheasdad

[2017-11-26 09:34:14] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5062] Vitaly: weqweqeqeq

[2017-11-26 09:34:16] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5062] Vitaly: cryy

[2017-11-26 09:34:17] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5062] Vitaly: cry

[2017-11-26 09:34:52] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5062] Vitaly: Araban güzelmiş karşim

[2017-11-26 09:38:46] [Output] : [Global - Unit 5062] Vitaly: aç yolu oç

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