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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA


Hey SAPD:FR! I have a suggestion that'll make our community neater, organized and attractive! My idea is to have organized divisions which are going to be led by assigned division leaders. That way, experienced players who are willing to lead a division are also willing to give other players a wonderful experience. Obviously, there are going to be applications that are going to be made by each division leader for their divisions. I believe that if we have this implemented to our community, it'll bring out our standards and allow officers to have an experience.

Sure, it'll take a while to script it in and develop but I believe it's definitely needed, because SAPD:FR is a repetitive simulator where you patrol, protect and pursue, whereas if we were to have this suggestion implemented, we'll have mixed situations occurring which includes lots of teamwork coming from different divisions and more!

"Why can't we just have a team where all officers could join SWAT or Air Support?!"

Because if we have divisions set as a public team for any officer to join, then I bet you a hundred percent that it'll be unorganized. Think about it, imagine having a regular player run around with M4s inside a building, or an officer flying a helicopter; heliblading a suspect and worse, think about it. It wouldn't be considered a simulator anymore, right? As I've stated before regarding the applications, I believe that if we were to have division leaders to organize their division with applications, recruitment and training, our simulator will be much more organized and it will definitely attract any officer who are interested in joining and wanting more experience in our community.

The divisions I have in mind are;


  • Air Support Division
  • Special Weapons and Tactics


  • Detectives Bureau


I will now list a couple situations that could occur while being apart of each division;

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT):

  • Barricaded suspects (Homes, buildings, stores etc)
  • Bank robberies (Rodeo Bank, San Fierro Bank, LV Bank etc...)
  • Hostage Situations (Homes, buildings, stores etc)
  • Bomb Threats (Airports, buildings, bank, stores etc.)
  • Terrorist Attacks (Airports, buildings, banks, etc.)
  • Raids (Gang stash raid, warrants etc)

... and more!

(Plus it doesn't have to be only PD!!! The Fire Department could also have this division as well!)

Air Support Division (ASD):

  • Useful in High Speed Chases (implement high speed pursuits)
  • Scene Security
  • Lost Suspect/Vehicle



  • Injured victims (Up on mountains, hills, etc...)
  • Forest Fire

and more...

Detective Bureau (DB):

  • Murder Cases
  • Warrant Cases
  • D.N.A (Tracking lost suspects)
  • Specific Gang Cases (At each rank, we could possibly have a specific gang assigned to each detective, for example; Grove, Ballas etc...)
  • Interrogation rooms (Say I were to respond a scene as a detective and find a murdered suspect, however, there's a suspect running away. You catch up to the suspect and release a tase. The suspect decides to not co-operate and make the situation harder. You have the option to place the suspect in custody and arrest or take the suspect to the interrogation room and begin investigating which either leads you with nothing or it leads you to a suspect you need to find.)

    ... And more, I bet there are plenty more to add!

    Regarding the Detective Bureau, I believe there should be a proper ranking structure, so after Senior Lead Officer; you're given a choice to either continue on to the supervisor path (Sergeant+) or the detective path (which is where you're required to apply and try to get approved if you're wanting to go for the detective path.) For the ranking structure, I personally think it should work like this;
  • Detective I
  • Detective II
  • Detective III
  • Detective III+I
  • Sergeant Detective
  • Lieutenant Detective
  • Captain Detective
  • Deputy Chief Detective
  • Chief Detective


Instead of having EXP points to level up, the only way to level up is by promotions which is handled by the Chief of every division (ASD, SWAT, DB.) Obviously I believe there should be a ranking structure for every division, however, I'd like to leave that to the leaders if this suggestion gets implemented and approved.

This will surely be interesting if this suggestions gets implemented, let me know what you guys think!

Why should this be added?: I personally believe this suggestion should be added because it surely brings out our standards and allows officers in our community to have a wonderful experience, especially if they're interested in detectives, flying helicopters or even getting involved with SWAT. It'll be a wonderful experience, especially when each and every division are going to be led by actual experienced players who are wanting to start something in our community and work as a team, together. It'll be fun, surely it will! It'll definitely boost our simulation up and will also boost the realism in our simulation.

Anything else you'd like to add?: This suggestion is a lot of work (Scripting teams, more situations for each division, headquarters for each division etc), but it'll be really fun to have in our community! The San Andreas Highway Patrol for example, why do we only have that the Highway Patrol when we could have a bunch of organizations and divisions? Think about it guys, let me know what you all think about my suggestion.

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This is already in plans for after the 1.1.0, I'm glad you put so much details into the suggestion thread as we can easily use the ideas from here and implement it into the script when needed.

Initial plan is to develop SAHP first with a proper menu that displays all of it's members, leadership, rank assigning, etc. that you mentioned, once SAHP is properly set up it shouldn't be too hard to transfer the said scripts onto divisions.

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