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[Poll] Giving a small exp bonus to donators


<t>Add small exp bonuses for donators?</t>  

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  1. 1. Add small exp bonuses for donators?

    • Yes.
    • No.

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Hello there.

As some of you already know SAPD:FR Online's server expenses are not cheap at all and are mostly coming out of Tosfera's pocket. In fact, the cost for said server is actually 150$ which is rather high to give us the best possible hardware as well as protection possible just so you guys could enjoy SAPD:FR Online with almost to no server downtimes.

Recently we've recieved some donations but sadly enough they're nowhere near covering server expenses which is why we want to try and inspire more people to donate. Some of the players may not agree with the idea that we've got to add hence why we want to ask the entire community how they feel about it, the question is as follows:

Would you mind if we added a small exp bonuses to donators which would consist of:


  • Bronze donator: 5% exp bonus
  • Silver donator: 10% exp bonus
  • Gold donator: 15 exp bonus


Don't worry, if we were to add these bonuses we wouldn't do anything in terms of lowering your current exp gains as making this server a grind unless you pay is NOT our goal and never will be, our goal is just to start covering the server expenses as we personally do believe that we've placed too much time and effort in the updates itself as well as the entire community to have this much money going out of our pockets.

So, what do you guys think? Would you mind if we do that? Give us your feedback on this by voting on the poll as well as replying to the thread,

Kind regards,

Advanced Gaming Management

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While normally I would say this is Pay2Win, and should be avoided, I do support this for a couple of reasons.

1. The bonuses are minimal. They aren't over powered

2. They don't really give you any huge advantage over the other people, as in, its not giving you a minigun or some crap like that where you can just murder all the suspects.

3. I can see more people donating to the server knowing they will get the exp boost.

I know Blast3r[/member] and I have had some in depth conversations in the past about the risk-to-reward conundrum regarding Pay2Win, and I also am well aware of web hosting costs. Not to mention the recent rash of DDOS attacks going on through the MTA community (for obvious reasons, I'm not going into any details about victims or perpertators), so I know based on SAPDFR's up time that their hosting solution must be good.

Even though I cannot currently play in the server, I hope the $10 donation I'm going to make helps

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