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San Andreas Emergency Pack


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I finally finished it. This is my first "big pack" so please excuse me if there is any mistake. In the pack, there are no ped skins and also any FD vehicle/ped. The FD will come when the server will open the FD.



I know it is a bit late but here is the burrito ambulance for the pack:


You'll have to download it separated. So this is only the Burrito Ambulance!


Hope you like it  ;D  ;D

[glow=green,2,300]Download: https://mega.nz/#!g7gUSaoS!NTXHfz0q3FL4cH7-_9LXZl5UycAHvNfl9545uESxNUM[/glow]

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/VgZGB


- Grimm

- ThatOneIowan

- Reckless

- RacingFreak

- Driver SF/Ubisoft

- Bxbugs123

- OfficerBobrovsky

- Martin_Stainman

- Emergency112

- Driver San Fransisco

- Mr of GTA Cars

- Penguin2254

- Boo


- boruch1234

- MaXKillS

- Lightbar Guy

- 05bowtie

- Matthias

- Pumbars 


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