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Complete overhaul of the F9 Menu


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website):



Complete overhaul of the F9 Menu, see below for more info

Why should this be added?:

Better able to assist players by saying "Refer to F9"

Anything else you'd like to add?:

Excel proposal download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2pnxdj1w8j6wjn4/2018-01-31%20SAPDFR%20Online%20F9%20Proposed%20Changes.xlsx

Shows each tab and associated text.


"votemanager" tab - should just be removed as it should not be used by regular players.

Under Commands Tab: controls for miscellaneous lighting - should just be removed as it does no longer exist.

"SuggestionsAndSupport" tab - was condensed into the new "Information and Rules" tab.

"Dispatch" tab - was condensed into new "Hotkeys and Commands" tab

"FAQ" tab - content needs to be gone through again to remove old material, if we are keeping it, it should only show when an /faq command is typed.

"SAPDFR" tab - condensed into "Information and Rules" tab


######## Tab 1 / "Information and Rules" / Main Tab ########

SAPD:FR ONLINE puts you on the side of the law. Now you can join others in pursuits, traffic stops, and even call out events to clean up the streets of San Andreas. Everyone shares a common goal to make sure the streets of San Andreas are a safe place whether it's responding to calls, investigating suspicious activity, filing reports, or assisting injured citizens. These jobs cannot go undone!

Forum: http://forum.sapdfr.advanced-gaming.org/
Server IP:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sapdfronline
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AdvancedGamingOrg
To make suggestions, get support, let us know about bugs, and report players, please visit the forums.

Before procceeding with playing SAPD:FR Online please make sure that you understand of the rules.
Failure in following the rules will result in nothing other than getting yourself punished by the staff team of Advanced Gaming.

Simplified rules list:

1) Do not kill/attack other players on purpose. 
2) Do not steal other players belongings such as their vehicles, items, etc.
3) Do not steal other players arrest.
4) Insulting other players will not be tolerated and no exceptions will be given.
5) Racism is not tolerated and no exceptions will be given.
6) Do not spam the chat.
7) We have absolutely no tolerance on bug abusing, if you've found a bug please report it to us.
8) Using any sort of third party software that gives you unfair advantage will not be tolerated.
9) Speak English only in global, use /pm to speak other languages.
10) Selling / buying in game possesions with IRL items will not be tolerated.
11) Administrator's decision is final, do not contact the Administrator regarding your punishment.
12) Using full caps in global chat will not be tolerated.
13) Stealing civilian vehicles is not allowed.
14) Killing street brawl peds without a proper reason will not be tolerated.

For a detailed list please visit http://forum.sapdfr.advanced-gaming.org/http://forum.sapdfr.advanced-gaming.org/sapdfr/forum-phpbb/viewforum.php?f=9.0.


######## Tab 2 / "Hotkeys and Commands" ########
F1 - Taser [equip/remove]
i  - Inventory
F2 - Access inventory at trunk
F2 - Turn on ALPR in car
F6 - Request backup
F7 - Cancel job
F9 - Help panel
Left Shift - Traffic stop
Aim + E - Arrest/Detain

Hotkeys (Emergency Lighting System)
F10 - Display/Hide ELS panel
J - Toggel primary lights
K - Toggle secondary lights
l - Change primary lights mode
; - Change secondary lights mode

/stuck - if you're stuck use this command
/despawn - If your requested unit (medic, backup, etc) got stuck, use this command to despawn it. You'll have to request a new one.
/kill - commit suicide
/clear - clear your tasks
/spawn - spawn menu
/engine - toggle vehicle engine
/lights - toggle vehicle lights
/lock - lock vehicle
/afk - away from keyboard mode
/pm - pm a player
/r - quick reply to pm
/localchat - chat for nearby players
/settings - settings menu
/cc - cruise control
/fp - first person
/cj - CJ's walking style
/c [message] - talk to dispatch/radio
/d [message] - talk to dispatch/radio

Interacting with Central/Dispatch Chat
/c [message] - talk to dispatch/radio
/d [message] - talk to dispatch/radio

Example messages:
/c Can I get status of calls?
/c I need a medic here!
/c Send me an ambulance.
/c I need to run a name.
/c Run the name [First name] [Last name].
/c I need backup!
/c Unit 4010 to central
/c I'll be 10-8.
/c I'm 10-7.
/c I'm en route.


######## Tab 3 / "How-To - Police" (This was generated just now by me and will also be posted to the Guides section) ########
Here's how to play as a law enforcement officer.

Below are a couple of quick notes.
- Review the list of commands under the "Hotkeys and Commands" tab.
- To stop or arrest a pedestrian, you must aim a weapon at them, then press E to interact with them. Step into the circle and use the on-screen menu.
- To use the AI Transport system, click Actions > More > More > Request Transport. The transport unit will only take valid suspects to jail.
- You can earn incremental experience points by use of the /patrol feature.
- Cadets are limited to the amount of tools they can use. You spawn with a bicycle (or a golf cart in LS, SF, or LV). You can respond to calls, but any arrests you make must be done via the AI transport system.
- You cannot detain people in the following vehicles: Bicycle, Caddy, Tow Truck, Police Ranger, Motorcycle, Cheetah, Unmarked Yosemite, or Police Maverick.

Using the AI Transport
After stopping a citizen, you can interact with them to send them to jail.
You can request a transport unit by clicking Actions > More > More > Request Transport.
To send two people to jail at once, you must click "Appoint Transport" instead of "Request Transport" for the first person.

Interacting with citizens
You can stop citizens on foot by aiming at them and pressing "E". You can then interact with them by using the on-screen menu.
You can stop citizens in vehicles by pressing Left Shift. You can then interact with the driver and any passengers by using the on-screen dialog.
Be careful - sometimes the citizen may flee (on foot or in their vehicle), or attack you.
To request information about a vehicle or request a tow truck, click M to activate your mouse, then right click on the vehicle.

Responding to calls
Before you can respond to calls, you must go on duty. Review the list of commands for this. Once you are on duty, you can patrol the area while waiting for calls.
Once you receive a call, you can respond to it accordingly. If you choose to accept the call, your destination will be marked on the map with a yellow circle.
TIP: Once on scene, park your patrol car out of all traffic lanes to avoid it being struck.
There are several types of calls requiring various responses from players. Determine the best way to handle the call. Some calls may result in simple arrests. Other calls are more dangerous.
You request backup by pressing F6, B, or typing "backup" in dispatch chat. If other officers are available, they may respond to your location to assist you.
Some suspects may pull out a weapon and attack you. If you shoot these suspects, you can request EMS for them by pressing "B".
Sometimes, callouts may end in a vehicle needing to be towed. You can request a tow truck by clicking "M", then right-clicking on the vehicle.

Ranks and Unlocks (special thanks to Dandr3 for his ranks guide)
Police Departments:
0 EXP: Cadet - Police Bike and Police Caddy, two skins
700 EXP: Police Officer I - Police LS, SF, and LV, Tow Truck, six skins
2000 EXP: Police Officer II - Transport, one skin
4000 EXP: Police Officer III - HPV1000 
6500 EXP: Senior Lead Officer - Police Ranger
9500 EXP: Sergeant I - Unmarked Premier, Unmarked Police LV, FBI Rancher
13000 EXP: Sergeant II - Cheetah
17000 EXP: Lieutenant - Police Maverick, Unmarked Yosemite
20500 EXP: Captain - Unmarked Merit, one skin
24500 EXP: Commander - one skin
28000 EXP: Assistant Chief of Police - no unlocks
34000 EXP: Chief of Police - one skin

Sheriff's Offices:
0 EXP: Cadet - Police Bike, two skins
700 EXP: Deputy Sheriff I - Police LS, SF, and LV, Tow Truck, three skins
2000 EXP: Deputy Sheriff II - Transport, one skin
4000 EXP: Corporal - HPV1000 
6500 EXP: Sergeant - Police Ranger
9500 EXP: Lieutenant - Unmarked Premier, Unmarked Police LV, FBI Rancher
13000 EXP: Captain - Cheetah, one skin
17000 EXP: Undersheriff - Police Maverick, Unmarked Yosemite, one skin
20500 EXP: Sheriff - Unmarked Merit


######## Tab 4 / "How-To - EMS" / Guide made by OfficerJacob ########
Lately I've been getting questions on how to transport patients and how to evaluate the patients condition.
Here are some controls to know
- First things first primary lights are toggled by J and K for secondary.
- To open the dialogue you will have to click M that will make your mouse pop up, right click the patient in order to begin evaluating (make sure your close enough or won't work).
- Use X and N to reply to dispatch whether you decide to respond to a callout or not. (btw you can go 10-8 via F4).

Alright now that you know these controls you can begin to head in to the next step which will be: 
- Check the patients vitals by going into test and clicking for lungs, heart and warmth.
- After the vitals has been evaluated you should read the dialogue below the name of the patient. This dialogue will tell you which response to take towards the patient whether It's CPR or just some pills. Stabilizing the patient is a MUST, you get told off by chat automatically and you don't get the extra exp.
- Now here comes the fun part now If you click on vehicle with the little ambulance picture this will automatically put the patient on a stretcher. All you have to do is make sure that you put your patients in the ambulance by going behind it. Once done you will have to transport the patient to the nearest hospital closest to you. Through the blue circle shaped beacon thingy and there you go.

Alright that's pretty much it. I know it looks like a lot to do but don't worry just break down the steps to one word like this.

- Respond
- Evaluate
- Transport

You will be doing awesome and will be a pro at this in no time.

(Guide by OfficerJacob)

Ranks and Unlocks:
0 EXP: First Responder - Ambulance, three skins
700 EXP: EMT Basic - no unlocks
2000 EXP: EMT Intermediate - no unlocks
4000 EXP: Paramedic  - no unlocks
6500 EXP: Lead Paramedic  - no unlocks
9500 EXP: Medical Lieutenant - one skin
13000 EXP: Medical Captain - no unlocks
17000 EXP: Medical Director - no unlocks


######## Tab 5 / "Credits" ########
Advanced Gaming
Palm Beach Games

Golf cart - Rockstar, template and edits by thatoneiowan. Parts by Grimm and bxbugs123.
Mountain bike - Rockstar, template and edits by thatoneiowan. Police bag by bxbugs123
Pony/Transport van - Rockstar, template and edits by thatoneiowan. Parts by Grimm, lightbar by boatinman
Premier - Rockstar, Grimm, ThatOneIowan, Bxbugs123 and EVI
Cheetah - Rockstar, ThatOneIowan, Grimm and Bxbugs123
Unmarked Police LV, Unmarked Yosemite, HPV1000, Ambulance - Rockstar, Grimm, ThatOneIowan and Bxbugs123
Unmarked Merit, FBI Rancher - Rockstar, Grimm, ThatOneIowan, Bxbugs123 and Krystofer
Police LS, SF, LV, Ranger - Shaffet, Bxbugs123, Pumbars, Borsuk

Female Deputy Sheriff:
Prisoner skins:

German - FujitoraY
Polish - Bot_07  Snake[PL]
Czech - PapuleX

LSPD HQ - Snake[PL]
Precints - ThatOneIowan
Enterable singleplayer interiors - Flower_Power


######## Tab 6 / "10 Codes" (no changes from current list, albeit most of them are different compared to my area) ########

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