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Playing as a law enforcement officer


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Here's how to play as a law enforcement officer.

Below are a couple of quick notes.

- Review the list of commands under the "Hotkeys and Commands" tab.

- To stop or arrest a pedestrian, you must aim a weapon at them, then press E to interact with them. Step into the circle and use the on-screen menu.

- To use the AI Transport system, click Actions > More > More > Request Transport. The transport unit will only take valid suspects to jail.

- You can earn incremental experience points by use of the /patrol feature.

- Cadets are limited to the amount of tools they can use. You spawn with a bicycle (or a golf cart in LS, SF, or LV). You can respond to calls, but any arrests you make must be done via the AI transport system.

- You cannot detain people in the following vehicles: Bicycle, Caddy, Tow Truck, Police Ranger, Motorcycle, Cheetah, Unmarked Yosemite, or Police Maverick.

Using the AI Transport

After stopping a citizen, you can interact with them to send them to jail.

You can request a transport unit by clicking Actions > More > More > Request Transport.

To send two people to jail at once, you must click "Appoint Transport" instead of "Request Transport" for the first person.

Interacting with citizens

You can stop citizens on foot by aiming at them and pressing "E". You can then interact with them by using the on-screen menu.

You can stop citizens in vehicles by pressing Left Shift. You can then interact with the driver and any passengers by using the on-screen dialog.

Be careful - sometimes the citizen may flee (on foot or in their vehicle), or attack you.

To request information about a vehicle or request a tow truck, click M to activate your mouse, then right click on the vehicle.

Responding to calls

Before you can respond to calls, you must go on duty. Review the list of commands for this. Once you are on duty, you can patrol the area while waiting for calls.

Once you receive a call, you can respond to it accordingly. If you choose to accept the call, your destination will be marked on the map with a yellow circle.

TIP: Once on scene, park your patrol car out of all traffic lanes to avoid it being struck.

There are several types of calls requiring various responses from players. Determine the best way to handle the call. Some calls may result in simple arrests. Other calls are more dangerous.

You request backup by pressing F6, B, or typing "backup" in dispatch chat. If other officers are available, they may respond to your location to assist you.

Some suspects may pull out a weapon and attack you. If you shoot these suspects, you can request EMS for them by pressing "B".

Sometimes, callouts may end in a vehicle needing to be towed. You can request a tow truck by clicking "M", then right-clicking on the vehicle.

Ranks and Unlocks (special thanks to Dandr3 for his ranks guide)

Police Departments:

0 EXP: Cadet - Police Bike and Police Caddy, two skins

700 EXP: Police Officer I - Police LS, SF, and LV, Tow Truck, six skins

2000 EXP: Police Officer II - Transport, one skin

4000 EXP: Police Officer III - HPV1000

6500 EXP: Senior Lead Officer - Police Ranger

9500 EXP: Sergeant I - Unmarked Premier, Unmarked Police LV, FBI Rancher

13000 EXP: Sergeant II - Cheetah

17000 EXP: Lieutenant - Police Maverick, Unmarked Yosemite

20500 EXP: Captain - Unmarked Merit, one skin

24500 EXP: Commander - one skin

28000 EXP: Assistant Chief of Police - no unlocks

34000 EXP: Chief of Police - one skin

Sheriff's Offices:

0 EXP: Cadet - Police Bike, two skins

700 EXP: Deputy Sheriff I - Police LS, SF, and LV, Tow Truck, three skins

2000 EXP: Deputy Sheriff II - Transport, one skin

4000 EXP: Corporal - HPV1000

6500 EXP: Sergeant - Police Ranger

9500 EXP: Lieutenant - Unmarked Premier, Unmarked Police LV, FBI Rancher

13000 EXP: Captain - Cheetah, one skin

17000 EXP: Undersheriff - Police Maverick, Unmarked Yosemite, one skin

20500 EXP: Sheriff - Unmarked Merit


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Welcome to your new exciting career as a law enforcement officer, let us begin with the very basics:

Basic Patrol:

- Use the /patrol command to start your basic patrol of the area this command is issued in

- Please take note the patrol area you're in is marked on the map/radar as a green zone

- Should you wander out of your patrol area, you'll automatically cancel your patrol status

- You may also press F7 to cancel your patrol status and will no longer earn EXP from it

- While on active patrol, you'll earn +1 EXP every (x) seconds which will benefit new cadets

Patrolling Your Area:

- Keep an eye out for drunk, suicidal or just in general suspicious NPCs/PEDs walking about

- Press F1 to equip your taser which replaces your hand gun (Use F1 again to switch back)

- Aim your weapon at any NPC/PED and press E to stop them, again to detain, must be close

- A blue checkpoint will appear and when you step in it, a menu will show you some options

- Take caution, some criminals will suddenly attack you without warning and often leads to death

- Some criminals may also choose to flee and start running away trying to evade your arrest

Action Panel:

- Orders: Shows the "Request Information" and "Perform Request" menus

- Request Information: Shows the "Ask for ID" option

- Ask for ID: Reveals the suspect's name to you which then you may check for any warrants

- Perform Request: Shows the "Sit", "Follow" and "Order to Flee" options

- Sit: This is useful for when you just get them off the street, but plan to deal with them later

- Follow: This is useful to move the suspect off the street to conduct more safer investigations

- Order to Flee: This is useful if you need somebody to quickly leave the area as a safety measure

- Actions: Shows the "Frisk", "Place in Vehicle" and "More" options

- Frisk: Very important to do this first to disarm your suspect, anything found in red words is illegal

- Place in Vehicle: This places the suspect in the nearest capable police vehicle if close enough to it

- More: Shows the "DUI Test", "Write Citation" and "More" options

- DUI Test: Gives the suspect a DUI test and then determines if they are actually drunk or not

- Write Citation: Writes the suspect a citation if you feel an arrest is not really needed here

- More: Shows the "Request Transport" and "Appoint for Transport" options

- Request Transport: This is useful if your vehicle can't hold suspects, it requests a transport vehicle

- Appoint for Transport: Used first if you have another suspect for arrest, then use "Request Transport"

- Release: This is used to release your suspect because nothing found was illegal in any way

Traffic Stops:

- While in a police vehicle, Press F2 to display the ALPR on screen which helps locate illegal vehicles

- Use 1, 2, 3 and 4 to toggle your sirens and also use J and K to toggle additional vehicle lights too

- Press Left Shift while behind a vehicle to pull it over using your lights and sirens if you want to

- Pressing Left Shift again while a vehicle was pulled over will result with releasing that vehicle

- Wait to see if the vehicle actually stops or decides to evade your arrest by suddenly taking off

- Press F to force everyone in the vehicle out after you've caught/trapped an evading vehicle

- Take note that just because the vehicle itself was illegal doesn't mean anyone inside are illegal too

- Press M to bring up the cursor and Right Click a empty vehicle and select Tow Vehicle to have it towed

- Any empty civilian vehicle should be towed to keep the streets clear and even give a little EXP for you

Traffic Stop Menu:

- Actions: Shows the "Ask for ID", "Ask for driver's license" and "Breathalyzer" options

- Ask for ID: Reveals the suspect's name to you which then you may check for any warrants

- Ask for driver's license: Reveals the suspect's name to you and displays if the license is Valid or Expired

- Breathalyzer: Useful if the vehicle was swaying about and you want to test the driver for a DUI offense

- Ask to Exit: Useful if the vehicle is illegal and to get the driver/passenger(s) out so the vehicle may be towed

- Release: Release the vehicle/suspect(s) and allow them to continue driving as if never pulled over

In and Out of Service:

- Press the F4 to toggle going In/Out of Service which determines if you get call outs or not

- Press X or N to Accept or Decline a call out, you will be notified by a display message and sound effect

- Press F6 to activate Backup Mode and press F6 again to disable it, don't forget to disable when complete

- Call outs are usually quite dangerous, wait for backup if its available, but always exercise extreme caution


- Press B to access a menu to call for Police, Firefighter or Medic when its needed


- Do not shoot to kill an unarmed suspect, this only results in you losing hard earned EXP

- Use your taser whenever possible, you earn more EXP when suspects are taken in alive

- Remember to request a tow for any empty vehicle you come across, don't have to wait for the tow itself

- Request a Medic (Use B) if you cross a injured NPC, even suspects. You also earn EXP doing this

- The AI (NPC) transports, tows and medics are not perfect, they may not find their way to you right away

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