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[Report - #0185] Shelking2004 - Stealing suspects


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Username of player you are reporting: Shelking2004

Date  of offense: 3/4/18.

Which rule(s) did the offender break: 3. I was on a traffic stop and this guy pulled up and pulled the girl out of the car and told me go we need to go to the police station I told him no leave this npc alone because she came back clean then he tried to arrest her I got infront of him and told him to leave and he Taze me then the Npc then he said okay and left but after that he just started to searching every ped that he can so he can get xp don't have photo of the Searching.

Which punishment do you believe is fair for the offender: Ban.

Proof of offender breaking the rule(s) (Video/Screenshots/Logs):https://imgur.com/a/0DFen

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